Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what a cute kid!

Vivian was born at 5:58 on Dec. 30, 2008. She's changing so much every day. We're excited to see her smile soon. She's our first.


  1. The first words out of my mouth, "Oh my Gosh!" She is beautiful and this picture is perfect! You should be so pleased with your ability. Her little hands are so cute and her cute little face is so precious! And Jamee's loving hand holding her so. I love this. WOW! Love you. MOM

  2. Family support is important for Vivian James Shipp
    As you can probably know, the young princess has a lot
    of support from her super-parents, and from both sides
    of her family. Her four grandparents love her dearly .!.
    Her cousins, uncles and aunts will love her dearly also.
    Love from all of us, . . . . . Grandpa and Grandma Shipp.