Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello everyone! Jamee here. I'm more of a Facebooker than a blogger, but I thought I'd at least make one post. Here's our adorable little Vivian at bath time. She's finally stopped crying during her bath and even seems to enjoy it. She has also started smiling and cooing a lot. She's so much fun and brings so much joy into our lives.

Here's a pic where daddy had to get creative to get Vivian to sleep! Such a good daddy!!

This is Vivian and I on her first Sunday at church. It was fun to take her and show her off. She did great at church and we only had to take her out once.

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  1. I remember when Isabelle slept through all three hours of church the first time we took her. When we told a seasoned parent, they told us "Enjoy that while it lasts!" Indeed, that was the last time she ever did. Wendell at least chose to wake during Sunday School and not Sacrament Meeting or Relief Society. Ha ha.